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2016 LSAMP Team Competes in Atlanta


Atlanta, GA - Six of Drake State’s LSAMP scholars traveled to Atlanta, GA in April to present their research at Clark Atlanta University in their field of study.

These participants have worked diligently on their research throughout the year. Most of them will start their experimental research next Fall.

LSAMP Participants and Research Topics:

Natasha Bryant (General Studies-Biology): “Decreasing In-patient Infections in Healthcare Settings”

Frank Burden III (CIS): Project Avatar: A Study of Focus and Execution

Ajiah Graham; Lyndria Cooper; and Terrell Banks (CIS): The Human Firewall

Courtney Pickett (MTT): “The Effectiveness of CNC Machining and Manual Machining”

Miracle Robinson (CIS): “Near Field Communication”

Miguel Powell (Engineering Graphics): Designing and Fabricating Self-Leveling Quadcopter

RasanaryVongsaphay (Culinary Arts- Transferring to Food Science:
Denaturation-Biochemistry of Sustaining the Rise of a Hot Soufflé When It Turns “Cold”
“Cold Soufflé”

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