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2017-2018 Student Officers Announced


J.F. Drake State Community & Technical College has a great collection of new students serving as the 2017-2018 student officers.  They include Mr. & Ms. Drake State, the Royal Court as well as the Student Government Association (SGA). 

All of the J. F. Drake State Community & Technical College students are prestigious ambassadors of the college community, and shall serve as representatives at official on and off campus events. The major responsibilities of the King and Queen include serving on the Student Government Association Executive Committee, providing leadership to community service projects, and assisting in college outreach events. Both serve as positive role models for the entire Huntsville community, and are considered excellent examples of leadership.  The Court of Royalty consists of Mr. and Miss 1961 (the year the college was founded), and Mr. & Miss Blue and White (the college colors).

The SGA contributes to the advancement and improvement of the school by fostering faculty/student relationships and understanding and assisting in the promotion of closer ties between the school and the community.

The 2017-2018 student representatives for each of these positions are as follows:

Mr. Drake State                                Mr. Michael Hubbert

Ms. Drake State                               Ms. Arlean Williams

Mr. 1961                                          Mr. Adam Finch

Ms. 1961                                         Ms. Lawanda Biddle

Mr. Blue & White                              Mr. Kendris Reid

Ms. Blue & White                             Ms. Cleopatra Stewart

Pictured from left to right:  Michael Hubbert, Arlean Williams, Dr. Nicole Prewitt, Lawanda Biddle, and Adam Finch.

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