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Are you waiting for your VA Education Benefits?


Regional Office
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Montgomery, AL  36109


(Please do not post this bulletin or give copies to students.)
November 6, 2009       
To All VA Certifying Officials
VA Education Service respectfully requests that the attached message be submitted to the appropriate official/office at your institution for immediate publication in the school or student newspaper, and website. We are also requesting that the message be forwarded to any of the institution's associated veterans groups and service organizations.
A PDF file of the message is attached and the text of the message is as follows:

Are you waiting for your VA Education Benefits?

The Department of Veterans Affairs has made funds available for Veteran students who are still awaiting their education benefit claim to be processed. Eligible veterans can receive up to a $3000 advance, which will be recouped from future benefit payments. If you are a student who applied for one of VA’s education programs and have not yet received your monthly benefit payment for the Fall 2009 term, you can request a one-time advance payment at your local VA Regional Office or through VA’s website,

If you have questions about this please feel free to contact me at (334)396-1986, ext 27, or by email at

Sincerely yours,
Charles R. Rice
Education Liaison Representative
Atlanta RPO
Montgomery Office

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<<Student Paper Emergency Check Press Release.pdf>>
Please never send a Social Security number or VA Claim number or any attachments that contain those items to me by email. Email is not a secure means of communication and can be intercepted and viewed by anyone. The privacy of our beneficiaries is one of our primary responsibilities. Send the students name and, if they are in VAONCE under your school, their identifying information will be available. If they are not in VAONCE it may be necessary to telephone or fax that information.

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