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Candidates for Mr. & Ms. Drake, SGA speak up



They were funny, confident, nervous and sincere. They used jokes, bold words and poetry to emphasize their points. They dressed to impress.
Candidates for Ms. Drake, Mr. Drake and the Student Government Association here at Drake State Technical College made their cases to fellow students during campaign speeches on March 7 in the Cafetorium.
Darlene Cowan, candidate for Ms. Drake and SGA president, said “I am Drake State.” As a single mother of two who started back to school after more than 20 years, Cowan said she represents the typical Drake State student.
Cowan drew applause by reading her poetry.
She is majoring in Office Systems Technology.
Jacquelyn “Tiffany” Michael, candidate for SGA president, said since Drake State is seeking accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Drake State students need an accredited leader.
“I am SACS accredited. Soaring to All Circumstances Successfully,” Michael said.
As SGA president, Michael said she would propose setting up a Student of the Semester program, creating a support program for student-mothers, and establishing community- and college-service programs.
She said she wants Huntsville to catch “a pandemic of service to the community” and to know that “the outbreak started at Drake.”
Michael is a Nursing major.
Mr. Drake and SGA Vice President Candidate Orlando Petty says he has wanted to be a leader and help others since childhood. He said he is not afraid to stand up for what he believes.
He said he will be open to listening to others and encouraged Drake State students to “promise less and deliver more.”
Petty is majoring in Cosmetology.
Ju’Neil Reece, candidate for Mr. Drake, considers a strong will and the ability to learn from mistakes as among his strengths.
He is majoring in Welding.
Ms. Drake and SGA Secretary/Treasurer Candidate Candra Jemison wants to make a difference at Drake State and to show herself, and others, how to overcome things they fear.
While at Drake State, “I have grown as a person, Jemison said, adding that she is much less shy.
Jemison said she is afraid of public speaking, but she stood in front of a roomful of Drake State students and staff to say “think positive” and “dream big.”
Jemison is majoring in Medical Assisting.
Victoria Boles, candidate for Ms. Drake, suggested that the students be thankful for their opportunity to pursue an education. She asked for an opportunity to represent Drake State.
She is a Nursing major.
Ms. Drake Candidate Naomi Swearengin, who earned her GED through a Drake State program, is grateful to be continuing her education here.
“Together, we can achieve our goals,” she said.
Swearengin is an Office Systems Technology major.
Candidate Senora Mack believes Ms. Drake should be passionate and have high moral character, like her.
As Ms. Drake, Mack said she would help create student support groups where peers would feel comfortable discussing grades, fears or any problems with other peers. Sometimes, she said, students don’t, won’t or can’t discuss certain issues with instructors or counselors.
Mack left her fellow students cheering when she talked about “good, better, best.” She urged, “Never let it rest until your good becomes better and your better becomes best.”
Mack is majoring in Nursing.
Voting continues today until March 19 at 6 p.m. in Financial Aid, Room 703.
The Drake State Pageant/SGA Results will be March 20 at 10 a.m. in the Cafetorium.


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