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Drake State Atomic Wing Challenge: And the Winner is...


On Thursday, November 6, Chef Darrell Echols, Culinary Arts Instructor at J.F. Drake State Community and Technical College, challenged students faculty and staff to complete a five-portion serving of his “Atomic Hot Wings.” The wings were prepared with a sauce featuring bhut jolokia (ghost pepper), the second hottest pepper in the world, according to Chef Echols. The first contestant to complete the challenge would be declared the winner.

Ten participants showed up to accept the challenge. The wings smelled delicious, and despite their fieriness, the challenge ended in about a minute and a half. Winning student Casey Clark quickly demolished his serving of wings, leaving his competitors in a trail of smoke! For his effort, Casey received a Drake State Culinary Arts T-shirt, a trophy, and a container of vanilla ice cream to help him cool down after a sweet performance. Congratulations Casey!

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