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J.F. Drake State Community and Technical College is finding new ways to create community partnerships. One such way, facilitated by the Drake State Career Coach, Melinda Inglis, was to host a Kuder Journey training for faculty and staff, business owners, resource agency representatives, educators from other schools and colleges, as well as students.


At the beginning of the training session provided by Kuder Field Trainer, Elizabeth Moore, it was explained that the idea behind this training is to show community members how Drake State can offer career coaching services using Kuder products to assist employers, resource agencies, secondary and post-secondary students, displaced workers, and other community individuals who may have education and career needs.


Moore, put it this way: “Drake State is breaking down barriers to focus on getting the right people into the right career paths.  The college's innovative approach allows partnerships that will benefit not only individuals, but the entire community.  Regardless of individuals' backgrounds, socioeconomic statuses or educational experiences, they will all have access to the highest quality of career planning tools.  Kuder, Inc. is devoted to inspiring individuals to see what they can be.  We are proud to work with J.F. Drake State Technical & Community College.” 


“Two sessions have been offered to date with a third planned for fall,” stated Inglis. “There was an excellent turnout at both of these sessions and the participant pool represented diverse education, resource agencies, and career organizations, “she added.  Additional trainings have been requested by community members and organizations who are hearing what Drake State career coaching services and Kuder Journey can offer.


The next phase will be to take the feedback and incorporate this plan into an Adult Coaching model being developed at Drake State. Inglis said her goals is for, “Drake State to partner with other agencies and organizations to find ways to be able to assist more community members which will help prepare more potential employees for the workforce and enable employers to find qualified and work-ready candidates.”

Organizations represented at the trainings included but were not limited to:


Drake State – Financial Aid, TRIO Services, Workforce Development, Admissions, Adult Ed (instructors and students)

Oakwood University

Huntsville City Schools



Jobs for Life

St. Joseph the Job Networking Club

Business Owner and Mission Work Volunteer

Huntsville Assistance Program


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