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Drake State offered a Craft Beer class for a second year at HudsonAlpha on April 4 and 5, 2016



Craft Beer is experiencing a revival in American culture across the nation. In the last five years, since the change in key beer related laws, Alabama has seen the vertical growth of this industry boom like no other. Huntsville leads that growth, with the largest number of craft breweries in one county in the entire state. This burgeoning industry holds opportunities for a wide array of entry-level positions, which can quickly become management and upper echelon positions with the appropriate level of determination and education about the industry as a whole. There are only a handful of four-year colleges and universities around the country offering formal education opportunities in this subject matter. This course is the only introductory course offered in Alabama that should prepare students for Level 1 certification in the internationally recognized Cicerone program. Students in this course gained valuable insights into the industry from the insiders within the Alabama movement and an education on the fastest growing industry in North Alabama and beyond!

Selected topics for the two day course included:

History of Beer

Craft of Brewing

Science of Beer

Art of Craft Beer Styles

Economic Impact of Craft Beer

The Cicerone Certification program was offered on April 6, 2016 on the main campus.  Presenters included the following topics in their presentations:

Review of key terms and an introduction to the Cicerone program

Keeping and serving beer, draft systems and glassware

Beer styles review

Beer flavors

Beer ingredients and the brewing process

Paring beer review


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