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Drake State Representative at National Science Foundation Conference


     Robert Grissim, engineering graphics instructor at J.F. Drake State Technical College, represented the school at the recent National Science Foundation (NSF) Advanced Technology Education Principal Investigators Conference.
     Grissim attended the conference to represent Drake State’s new NSF-funded project in digital technology engineering education. This project will provide professional development for high school and college faculty engaged in the teaching of engineering technology courses preparing students for careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). The conference provided Grissim with access to principal investigators and directors of a wide variety of NSF-funded projects targeting two-year college STEM programs across the United States. Grissim was able to establish a network of instructors from several colleges interested in pursuing collaborative projects with Drake State.
     One of Grissim’s recent student research projects involved the design and construction of a moonbuggy to be field-tested at the moonbuggy races held annually at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville. The moonbuggy was developed as a cross-discipline, engineering technology project at Drake State through the use of 3-D design tools, CNC mills, welding systems, and mechanical test systems. Drake students will make research presentations describing this experience at an upcoming Emerging Researchers National Conference sponsored by the NSF.
     Advanced Technology Education is a special grant fund set up within the NSF to assist two-year colleges in advancing STEM education. It is the only grant fund at the NSF, out of hundreds, that is specifically targeted for two-year schools.

Photo: Principal Investigator Craig Kief of the University of New Mexico and Robert Grissim of Drake State at the recent NSF Advanced Technology Education Principal Investigators Conference

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