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Drake State Students offer "Live Work"


Huntsville, AL J.F. Drake State Community & Technical College’s Salon Management and Hospitality Division announces the latest cosmetology services that are available to the public.  For several years, people in the Huntsville and Madison County community have been able to by the college and receive hair and nail services from the students.  With the addition of program offerings in the division, the list of services now available has grown exponentially.

“This is how the students learn both technical skills and soft skills,” boasts Ms. Nicole Bell, Cosmetology Instructor, and Salon Management and Hospitality Services Division Chair.  Ms. Bell explains that “This is our COS-123- Salon Practice Lab. This course is designed to allow students to practice all phases of cosmetology in a salon setting. Emphasis is placed on professionalism, receptionist duties, hair styling, hair shaping, chemical, and nail and skin services for clients. Upon completion, the student should be able to demonstrate professionalism and the procedures of cosmetology in a salon setting.”

The general public is allowed to be serviced by our students under supervision by instructors for a minimum price. Live works is conducted every Thursday and Friday from 9:00am until 1:00pm.  

This experience is great for our students, as it teaches them professionalism, customer service, and gives them in-house practice on real salon services.  According to Ms. Bell, the students enjoy this class. “It helps relieve them of some of the pressures they feel when working on real clients. Our customers love the salon experience. They love the low prices and we notice that they really are here to help the students also. They care about the students and their success!!”

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