Consumer Information

Consumer Information

In accordance with federal regulations set forth by the Higher Education Act of 1965 as amended, is a summary of consumer information that must be disclosed to all students at J.F. Drake State Community and Technical College.  If you need assistance obtaining information listed, or you would like a paper copy, contact the Office of Financial Aid at or via telephone 256-551-3125. 

J.F. Drake State Community and Technical College

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·         Net Price Calculator

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·         Admissions

·         Retention/Graduation Rates

·         Outcome Measures

·         Program Completion Rates

·         Service-members and Veterans

·         Accreditation

·         Campus Security Statistics

·         Cohort Default Rates

Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA)

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·         Admissions – General Information

·         Admissions Requirements for Transfer Students

·         Transfer of Credits

·         Financial Aid

·         Applying for Financial Aid – FAFSA application

·         Determining Eligibility

·         Satisfactory Academic Progress

·         Lifetime Eligibility

·         Disbursements

·         Withdrawals/R2T4

·         Refund Policy

·         Scholarships

·         Federal Grants

·         Federal Work Study

·         State Grants

·         Veterans Benefits

·         Financial Aid Shopping Sheet

·         Students with Disabilities

·         Counseling Services

·         Job Placement


Student Handbook

·         Student Code of Conduct

·         Grievance Policy

·         Computer Use, Copyright Infringement and File Sharing

·         Drug and Alcohol

·         Drug Conviction Policy

·         Tobacco Free Campus

·         Firearms Policy

·         Vaccination Policy – Nursing Students Only


·         Voter Registration

·         Voter Registration Form

·         Constitution Day – September 17th

·         Financial Aid Links

·         Financial Aid Forms

·         Financial Literacy

·         Financial Aid TV

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