Drake State is among many of the colleges within the Alabama Community College System that is transitioning to a new system-wide administrative software management system to better serve you.  This transition will impact our registration period for the Fall term. 

As a result of the system transition, fall term registration will be determined by the number of credit hours successfully completed.  Please see the schedule below:

DATE                                  HOURS EARNED
July 15, 2019                       Students who have earned 45 credit hours or more
July 16, 2019                       Students who have earned 29 credit hours or more
July 17, 2019                       Students who have earned 12 credit hours or more
July 18, 2019                       OPEN REGISTRATION for all students

Classes for Fall 2019 will begin on August 15, 2019
Faculty Advisors are available to meet with you to prepare for the fall term.  Please contact them today.