President's Cabinet

The College has six administrative officers, in addition to the President, which comprise the President’s Cabinet. The President is the chief executive officer and is responsible for directing the overall operation of the College.

The Dean of Instructional and Student Services is responsible for the effective operation of all instructional programs and related studies. The Dean is also responsible for providing a nurturing environment, support services and extracurricular activities which serve to enrich the student’s learning experience and assist students in achieving their goals. All Instructional and Instructional Support personnel, Counseling Services, Admissions, Financial Aid, Career Placement and TRiO Services are supervised by the Dean.
The Director of Fiscal Affairs is responsible for the College’s overall financial plan and policies, audit, tax, accounting, purchasing, and insurance activities.

The Director of Grants and Workforce Development represents the College in formulating and administering regional and local workforce development initiatives supporting industries located in the College’s service area. The Director is responsible for developing, promoting, and administering short-term, noncredit industry training programs and other noncredit offerings targeting the workforce needs of local industries. The Director of Workforce Development is also responsible for developing, promoting and administering continuing education courses intended for personal and professional enrichment of citizens of the College’s service area.

The Director of Institutional Effectiveness/Title III Administrator provides leadership, assistance, and oversight of the college’s Title III program. The Director also provides leadership for the continuous planning, assessment, and evaluation efforts for the purpose of enhancing the quality of the college’s programs, services, operations, and processes. The Director is responsible for providing internal and external constituencies with an accurate and complete understanding of how the institution is advancing its mission.

The Director of Operations supervises construction, renovation and maintenance of facilities, custodial services, and campus safety and security.  The Director assists the Business Office in maintaining a complete and accurate inventory of all capital items and fixed assets belonging to the College.