Drake State is a two-year comprehensive Community and Technical College training students for current and future employment in career technical programs or university transfer. Most of the programs offer options for an associate in applied science degree or a certificate program allowing for immediate entry into the workforce.

The programs are offered through four divisions:  

  • Business, Computer Science and Engineering Technologies
  • General and Developmental Education
  • Health Sciences Technologies
  • Applied Services Technologies

Business, Computer Science and Engineering Technologies

The Business, Computer Science and Engineering Technologies Division is comprised of those programs which prepare graduates for entry into the fields of office management, computer software systems and accounting.  It also focuses on disciplines which are related to engineering such as mechanical or architectural drawing and design, computer hardware and microcontrollers, and electricity. The programs offered in this division are given below.

Program Credential Offered* CIP
Business Administration AAS/C 52.0201
Computer Information Systems AAS/C 11.0101
Electrical Engineering AAS/C 15.0303
Electrical Technology C 46.0302
Engineering Graphics AAS/C 15.1301

General and Developmental Education

The General and Developmental Education Division offers university transfer Associate in Science and Associate in Art Degrees.  This division also provides general education support in the areas of English, mathematics, reading and science necessary for students of the college to establish the foundation for success in their chosen program of study.

Degree Program Title Credential Offered* CIP
Associate in Arts AA 24.0101
Associate in Science AS 24.0102

Health Sciences Technologies

The Health Sciences Division offers Associate in Applied Science degrees in Nursing (ADN) and Medical Assisting Technology (MAT) and a certificate in practical nursing (LPN). The division also offers a short term non-credit certificate in Nursing Assisting (NAS).  Graduates of the nursing program are eligible to seek licensure as a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse. The MAT graduates are eligible for certification through the American Medical Technologists Association (AMT).

Degree Program Title Credential Offered* CIP
Medical Assistant AAS/C 51.0801
Nursing AAS 51.3801
Practical Nursing C 51.3901

Applied Services Technologies

Graduates in the Applied Services Technologies Division are prepared to enter careers in heating and air conditioning service, automotive systems, welding, machine tool, cosmetology, barbering and culinary arts/hospitality services management.

Degree Program Title Credential Offered* CIP
Advanced Manufacturing Technology AAS/C 15.0613
Automotive Service Technology AAS/C 15.0803
Automotive Mechanics Technology C 47.0604
Cosmetology Instructor Training C 12.0499
Culinary Arts/Hospitality Service Management AAS/C 12.0503
Heating and Air Conditioning AAS/C 15.0501
Machine Tool Technology AAS/C 48.0507
Salon and Spa Management AAS/C 12.0412
Welding C 48.0508

* AAS – Associate in Applied Science; C – Certificate; AA – Associate in Art; AS – Associate in Science