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Free Adult Education and GED Classes

Our Adult Education Program offers FREE Adult Basic Education, Adult Secondary Education, and General Educational Development (GED) Classes focused on assisting our students in obtaining the knowledge and skills required for self-sufficiency and employment. Classes are designed to be open-entry open-exit. Our official requirements for entry are listed under Participation Requirements.

Non-traditional High School Diploma Option

The Alabama Non-Traditional High School Diploma Option (HSO) is an alternative to the GED high school equivalency, designed for students who have completed all of the required credits for graduation but failed the Alabama High School Graduation Exam (AHSGE), or students who have dropped out of the traditional high school setting.

The program provides two options:

  • Option 1 - For an adult who attended an Alabama high school and earned enough credits to graduate, but did not pass the high school graduation exam.
  • Option 2 - For an adult who earned 10 or more credits from an Alabama high school and requires additional credits for high school completion.

Areas of Instruction:

  • Basic Skills Instruction
  • GED Preparation – traditional and online classroom support
  • ESL Services – English Language Development

For information about class meetings, registration and orientation contact between 9a-1p:

Main Campus:  J.F. Drake State Community & Technical College
3421 Meridian Street North
Building 800, Room 805
PH: 256.551.5211
Fax: 256.551.5217

Or email: