Advanced Manufacturing

FlexFactor Summer Program for high school students

Our Advanced Manufacturing program offers the following options:

Associates in Applied Science

ADM- Electrical Technology
ADM- Engineering Design
ADM- Machine Tool Technology
ADM- Mechatronics
ADM- Welding


ADM- Electrical Technology (CER, STC)
ADM- Engineering Design (CER, STC)
ADM- Machine Tool Technology (CER, STC)
ADM- Mechatronics (CER, STC)
ADM- Welding (CER, STC)

The Advanced Manufacturing Programs provide students with a foundation of education and technical skills that will be the start of a process of lifelong learning.

The programs offer the training needed for a career in many promising fields. All of our industry certifications are nationally-recognized with real value in the marketplace. We also offer the opportunity to expand and add to skills and education through continuing education and degrees.

These nationally recognized, industry-specific certifications provide specialized, hands-on experience in your chosen career path. Our Programs also offer the Manfucturing Skills Standard Council (MSSC) option to prepare our students for the workforce.