This division of Instruction is approved by the State Department of Education and the Alabama Board of Nursing. The associate degree nursing program is a comprehensive program of study that integrates theory and clinical practice. This seamless curriculum is designed to provide qualified individuals an opportunity to acquire the knowledge, mindset and skills to become safe and competent practitioners of nursing. Students have the option of taking the practical nursing licensure examination (NCLEX-PN) upon successful completion of the first three semesters. Continuation of the program for an additional two semesters will lead to graduation with an associate degree in nursing. Graduates are eligible to take the registered nursing licensure examination (NCLEX-RN).

Mission and Philosophy


The mission of the nursing program of J. F. Drake State Community and Technical College (Drake State) is to prepare graduates to practice safe, competent, patient-centered care in an increasingly complex and rapidly changing health care system.


We believe that nursing is a dynamic profession, blending science with the use of evidence-based practice and clinical reasoning and the art of caring and compassion to provide quality, patient-centered care. We believe learning is an interactive process in which faculty and students share responsibility to meet program outcomes.  We believe in using educational methods that are current and supportive of students in the teaching and learning environment, with the presentation of information from simple to complex. 

Your Future

Successful nurses have a caring and empathetic nature and have a high tolerance for stress. This profession also requires keen observational, decision-making, technical and communication skills.

Registered Nurse

The median annual earnings are $ 33.65 per hour or $ 70,000 per year.

Practical Nurse

The median annual earnings are $ 21.65 per hour or $ 45,030 per year.

Program Policies

The intensity of the nursing curriculum and the development of acceptable workplace habits mandate that the nursing program establish departmental policies regarding absences and tardiness, professional and ethical conduct, uniform dress code, and testing. Nursing is a profession that demands high ethical and professional standards, and success in nursing depends on the nurse’s ability to provide safe, effective care while demonstrating acceptable workplace habits. Departmental policies promote safe and effective care and the development of acceptable workplace habits and are consistently enforced. Departmental policies are included the college catalog and the appropriate course syllabi.

The typical student, who enters the program full-time and whose academic and clinical progress are satisfactory, can complete the program in five semesters provided the necessary courses are offered. 

The Associate Degree Nursing program admits new students in the summer and fall semesters in the ADN with PN option.

Application deadline for the spring semester for all nursing programs is September 15, 2020. (NOTE: Admission to the LPN/Paramedics-to-RN Mobility Program is only available in the spring semester.)

For more information contact us at or (256) 551-3156.

Nursing Student Achievement

2016 2017 2018 2019
Job Placement Rate PN -100%

RN - N/A (new program)

PN - 100%

RN - N/A (new program)

PN - 100%

RN - 100%

PN 100%

Licensure Rate PN - 89.3%

RN - N/A (new program)

PN - 85.3%

RN - N/A (new program)

PN - 100%

RN - 27%

PN - 100%

Program Options

Degree Completion Pathway- Beginning in the Fall

Degree Completion Pathway- Beginning in the Summer

Note: New Students are admitted only in the fall and summer semesters. 

Click here to contact the Nursing Department or call 256.551.3156

To Apply

Future students must apply for general admission to the College first. Once you receive an acceptance email or letter you must submit your nursing program application packet.

General Admissions Application

Nursing Program Application Packet

Drake State will accept Residual ACT scores from any two-year college within the Alabama Community College System.The ACT Residual Exam is for application to the Drake State College Nursing Program. Scores from the ACT Residual tests given at Drake State may be applied to other Alabama Community College System (ACCS) Schools only. Test scores are generally available 4-6 weeks after the test date. Please plan to test accordingly so that you will receive your scores prior to your application deadline.

Test Dates 
Sept. 9, 2020 (register by Sept. 8)
Sept. 23, 2020 (register by Sept. 22)