Tuition & Fees

Current Students: For instructions to make an online payment or enroll in a payment plan click here.

Tuition at Drake State remains one of the best values in the state. At only $161 per credit hour, Drake State provides the educational foundation and workplace skills to enhance the lives of our students without a lifetime of educational debt. The staff strives to provide accurate cost estimates in advance so that our students may be financially prepared for their college journey. The Office of Financial Aid provides resources to assist with federal, state and local grants as well as college and industry sponsored scholarships

Out-of-State Tuition

Out-of-state tuition is equal to two times the in-state amount for tuition. All other fees remain the same. Students who apply for admission and reside in the Tennessee Counties which border Madison County, Alabama are extended in-state tuition. The state of Alabama requires proof of residency for twelve consecutive months in order to qualify for in-state tuition. 

Online Hybrid Courses

Tuition for online and hybrid course follow the same fee schedule as above.

Additional Fees

Late registration is scheduled immediately following the registration period. Students registering during late registration must pay a late fee of $25.00, in addition to all other fees noted above. 

*Building fee is subject to approval by the Alabama Department of Education. All Fees subject to change without notice. Current fee schedules are available from the most recent college class schedule or by contacting the Business Manager at 256.551.3130.