Reference Collection

The reference collection is located on the first floor of the S.C. O'Neal Sr. Library and Technology Center. It consists of encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks, and similar material. The material in the reference section may not be checked out. It must be used in the library. All call numbers for reference material begin with REF.

Audiovisual Collection

The audiovisual collection is located along the back wall of the first floor of the library. It consists of videos, DVDs, CDs, software, cassettes and filmstrips. Call numbers for audiovisual material begin with CD-ROM, DVD, VIDEO, SOFTWARE, FILMSTRIP, CAS, FS/CAS, or FS. All material may be borrowed with the exception of a few items that have been placed on reserve by instructors. For access to equipment to view or listen to audiovisual material, please contact the librarian on duty at the reference desk.


The library currently subscribes to over 150 magazines, journals and newspapers. For a complete list of current periodical subscriptions click here. Periodicals are located on the left side of the first floor, in front of the downstairs classroom. Past issues of periodicals are bound and are located on the second floor and are indicated in the library catalog with BP.

Black Collection

The Black Collection consists of material written by blacks or about blacks. It is located on the first floor on the left side of the library. Call numbers for material in the black collection begin with BC.


The library keeps a collection of current textbooks on reserve. The textbooks do not circulate, but students are encouraged to use them in the library. To use a textbook on reserve, contact the librarian on duty at the reference desk. Call numbers for textbooks begin with TEXT. Faculty may place other materials on reserve that are not a part of the library's collection.

New Acquisitions

The New Acquisitions Area showcases material that has recently been added to the library's collection. The library staff encourages patrons to check this area often for new additions to the collection. It is located in front of the circulation desk on the first floor.

Vertical Files

The vertical file collection is located in the cabinets on the right side of the first floor along the back wall. The collection consists of various newspaper clippings, pamphlets, brochures, and other material covering a wide variety of subjects. Call numbers for material in the vertical file collection begin with VF.

Faculty Resource Center

The Faculty Resource Center is a collection of resources designed to assist the faculty, staff and administrators with professional development, and covers a broad area of topics including student services, instruction, and leadership. Call numbers for material in the Faculty Resource Center begin with FRC. It is located on the first floor of the library.

Popular Reading Collection

The Popular Reading Collection consists of fiction and non-fiction titles that support and promote leisure reading among students, faculty and staff. Call numbers for books in this collection begin with PR.

Materials Recommendation Form

Suggestions for additions to the library's collection may be made by filling out the Materials Recommendation Form and emailing it as an attachment to the library staff.