Community Member Use Policy


The S.C. O’Neal Sr. Library and Technology Center encourages community members to use its materials and facilities. A community member is defined as a library user that is not a member of the staff, faculty, administration, or student body of J.F. Drake State Technical College. Community members are allowed access to the computer labs and library materials as long as they adhere to all library policies. Copies of these policies are available on request.


The S.C. O’Neal Sr. Library and Technology Center has a reciprocal lending agreement with Alabama A&M University. Students of Alabama A&M University are allowed to check out two books. They must present a valid student ID and provide a current address and phone number.

Other community members who wish to check out library material may request a community user card. To get a card, community members must pay a $20 fee and provide a valid picture ID, proof of address and two phone numbers. Examples of proof of address include utility bills or mail received at the address. Individuals who receive mail at post office boxes must provide proof of a local street address as well. The fee is non-refundable. The account is valid for two years and membership is renewable. A card may only be used by the individual it was issued to and photo ID to check out material. Community users may have two books on loan at one time. Community users are responsible for all fines incurred, replacement costs and reprocessing fees. Use of the card may be revoked at any time due to unpaid fines, lost or damaged material, or failure to follow any library policies.

Children wishing to borrow material must have a parent or guardian check out the material for them. The material will be checked out in the parent or guardian’s name. The parent or guardian assumes all responsibility for the material including fines, replacement costs and reprocessing fees if the material is lost Fines are $0.10 per day for each overdue item.


Children 15 years of age and under must be accompanied by an adult who is at least 16 years of age AT ALL TIMES, unless they are high school students participating in the college’s early enrollment program. Children should NEVER be left unattended. Children are expected to comply with all library policies. Students may not leave their children in the library unattended while they are in class. The library staff is not responsible for the care of children or supervising their use of library materials or facilities. That is the responsibility of the accompanying adult.


Community members interested in using library facilities such as the lecture hall or meeting rooms should contact the appropriate college staff members for more information. Community members using the library’s facilities are expected to adhere to all library policies. Copies of these policies are available on request.

J.F. Drake State Technical College and the S.C. O’Neal Sr. Library and Technology Center staff reserve the right to change and/or update this policy at any time.

Last Updated: December 4, 2007