Computer Systems Acceptable Use Policy

This policy defines acceptable uses of computer hardware, software, networks, communication lines, Internet access, and Email transmissions, herein referred to as Systems. Violations of this policy may result in restricted use of Systems and/or disciplinary action.

Systems are provided for business and educational purposes only, and users are encouraged to utilize this technology as a tool to efficiently perform their job tasks. Systems are owned by the College and subject to access by staff for maintenance, repair, updating, or monitoring. Documents, spreadsheets, databases, and Email transmissions on any System may be subject to examination at any time. Users must comply with all federal, state, or local laws and regulations, and applicable policies of accessed networks, such as the Alabama Research and Education Network.

In determining the appropriate use of Systems, one should compare its use to the proper use of other state equipment, for example the use of the telephone systems. As with any excess use of the telephone, excess personal use of Systems including Email and Internet access is not allowed, and will be appropriately addressed by management. Email transmission to J.F. Drake State Community and Technical College personnel and students should follow the same etiquette and rules as telephone traffic.

Users must respect the privacy and usage privileges of other users and must not access, modify, or delete any files or data without the permission of the owner or creator of such files. Users should not install any software, make modifications to the configurations of, install new components, or in any way modify the Systems without the approval of the Management of Information Systems Director and President of the College. Installation of software without adhering to established copyright laws for that product is strictly prohibited. At NO time should the Systems be used to sell items for personal gain, solicit income, win contests, view pornography, gamble, play computer games, transfer copyrighted materials, engage in any illegal activity, or engage in threatening or mischievous activity.

Users will utilize passwords, log off and shutdown PCs overnight, and perform other measures as defined by the College Information Systems Department to insure adequate security of Systems and data.