Skills USA

What is SkillsUSA:

The Golden Gate Bridge. The Empire State Building. The Space Shuttle. The Internet. These are the accomplishments of America's skilled work force. Today, the products skilled workers create and the services they provide touch all of our lives. It takes real skill to build a house, to repair a car, to design a computer program or to provide health care.

Our Mission:

Our quality of life is at risk. There aren't enough highly skilled employees to meet America's burgeoning needs for products and services. Businesses cite this shortage as their No. 1 problem. The national Council on Competitiveness states: "The skills shortage has created a buildup of pressure that is forcing employers, workers, educators, community leaders and public officials to communicate more closely."

One organization, SkillsUSA, is a pioneer in forging these alliances in communities across the United States - alliances that are closing the skills gap. In our high schools and community colleges, nearly one-quarter-million students join the SkillsUSA partnership. They work with their teachers and business partners to gain the occupational skills America needs, and more.

What we do:

SkillsUSA addresses industry and community needs and shortages. A good example is the shortage in personal skills of our work force such as dependability, teamwork, communications and customer relations. In the manufacturing sector alone, a survey found 63 percent of companies lacking employees with these essential "employability" skills. Tha't where SkillsUSA steps in. Its proven program of work, which complements skills training, is considered vital by the federal and state departments of education.

Business and Industry recognize SkillsUSA as a resource for employees who will have both occupational and employability skills.

Who are our members?

Our members have skills in: Computer Networking Technology, Air-cooled Gasoline engines Technology, Architectural Drafting, Automotive Service Technology, Electronic Applications, Electronic Technology, Precision Machine Technology, Robotics and Automation Technology, Computer Maintenance Technology, Technical Computer Applications, Technical Drafting, Practical Nursing, Nurse Assisting, Extemporaneous Speaking, Prepared Speech just to name a few.

Why Join SkillsUSA:

  • Develop essential skills such as communications and teamwork
  • Gain Competitive edge in the work force
  • Acquire leadership skills and serve your communities
  • Win scholarships and tools through contests
  • Meet future employers before graduation

How to Join:

Contact the Program Coordinator for an application or pickup an application from the business office. Take your application to the business office; pay $15 student membership or $20 Faculty/ Staff membership fee; look for meeting notices on campus!

Program Coordinator:

Ryan Green – Welding Technology Instructor

2012 Alabama Gold Medalist

Forrest Teague –  Welding

2010 Alabama Gold Medalist

John Hillenberg –  Automotive

2008 & 2009 Alabama Gold Medalist; 2008 National Silver Medalist & 2009 National Gold Medalist

Theo Walston – Computer Repair