Drake State launches Welding Bootcamp to spike interest in welding careers

November 09, 2021

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says there are 49,000 welding-related job openings each year, but these openings are the result of welders, cutters, solderers, and brazers transitioning to different occupations or retiring from the industry. To help employers recruit new workers, Drake State Community & Technical College has launched its Welding Bootcamp to help individuals spark a great career or personal hobby.

“This program has become so popular that we had to rollout another bootcamp,” said Workforce Development Director Dr. Karen Ray. “The first bootcamp was filled with potential full-time students and engineers looking to advance their skills in a technical trade.”

The Welding Bootcamp is an 8-hour experience for only $300 and it supports Gov. Kay Ivey’s plan to grow certified skilled workers by 2025. Participants will learn materials and welding fundamentals and safety from a certified Drake State welding instructor.

“This opportunity is a pathway that can lead to certifications.” said Dr. Ray. “Being certified is a needed qualification for today’s advanced manufacturing workforce.”
Private group classes for people interested in welding are also available for up to 10 participants for a flat rate. Personal protection equipment for all bootcamps can be purchased or rented at an additional cost.

To register or learn more visit https://www.drakestate.edu/workforce-development/welding-bootcamp-registration or call (256) 551-5227. The application deadline is November 12 and the next Welding Bootcamp starts November 19.