Drake State partners with Moon Village Association for STEM Learning

May 06, 2021

Through a virtual signing of a Memo of Understanding, Drake State Community & Technical College and the Moon Village Association officially partnered to develop academic and educational STEM programs for Drake State students and local high school students.

The Moon Village Association is an international forum for governments, industry, academia and other entities interested and involved in the advancement of lunar exploration and development. Drake State’s membership in the Moon Village Association comes after the community college recently established the Frontiers Research Program, which is contributing research to help develop new construction techniques to be used on the Moon.

“Creating the Frontiers Research Program has opened many new doors for our students,” said Dr. Patricia Sims, Drake State President. “We’re particularly excited that the partnership with the Moon Village Association will result in several new STEM learning opportunities for our students and local high school students.”

The stem learning opportunities will be part of the Moon Rises Over Alabama Project and tentatively includes a 10-week online seminar, summer learning labs, and guest lectures by Moon Village staff and member organizations.

“The Moon Village Association welcomes the opportunity to work with Drake State in realizing our shared goal of educating the next generation of technicians, engineers, scientists and mathematicians so that they can participate in humanity’s ongoing exploration, development and — someday — settlement of Earth’s Moon, said John Mankins, Vice President of the Moon Village Association.

As plans are finalized for the STEM learning opportunities, information will be posted on Drake State’s website at drakestate.edu and the college social media accounts.