Drone Piloting

Drake State and Aquiline Drones (AD) will offer online, instructor-guided drone pilot training starting June 2022. The program will prepare students to take the exam required to become a licensed drone pilot under the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and enter this rapidly accelerating industry. 

  • Drone Operation and UAV Aeronautical Procedures - an introduction to drones, that prepares students for the FAA Commercial Drone Pilot (Part 107) certification exam. Cost: $1,250. 
  • Cloud Connected Drone Operations, Computing, and Analytics – focused on digital technologies that are enabling cloud-connected commercial drone operations and unmanned aerial systems (UAS) provider business formation. Cost: $1,650. 

Both courses offered at Drake State will take one month to complete and be available year-round. Complete the following form to receive information on how you can get started with these new courses.

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