Scholarships at Drake State 

Drake State Community & Technical College offers a variety of scholarships through the college, industry and educational partners.  The college strives to ensure the information contained here is maintained, but often other opportunities are available through the financial aid office for short term or supplemental programs. Please visit the Office of Financial Aid in Building 700 Room 703 for additional information.

Institutional Scholarships & Eligibility Requirements

  • This scholarship covers one-half (50 percent) of the cost of tuition and fees and is renewed each semester as long as the student meets GPA and attendance requirements.

    Apply here for the Institutional Scholarship.

  • This is a state funded tuition waiver available each term to students in attendance who are Alabama residents, 60 years of age or older, and who meet the general admission standards of the institution, any specific admission standards established for a program of study, and any specific admission standards for a course, including pre-requisites. 

    The scholarship/waiver is restricted to credit courses on a space available basis and is limited to tuition only. Required institutional fees and other expenses, including lab fees, books and supplies, are the responsibility of the student.  

    Apply here for the Senior Adult Scholarship